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What is the World Wide Web?

Posted by Sam Williams on 12th November 1990

At last! We’re edging closer to the day that our website can finally go live! Tim Berners-Lee has finally proposed a system where people can use the internet to create “sites” that can be visited by typing in a specific “domain name”.

Obviously we’ve made a few tweaks to our site since its original inception, we’re no longer live-blogging local executions, and we’ve also lifted the ban on women in trousers using the website - just a couple of touches to bring us up to date with the modern era.

So, it won’t be long now until the much-anticipated launch! It’s only been 211 years in the making so far!

Posted by Sam Williams

Sam is a 7th generation Williams partner in the company. His pewter career began in 2007 at the tender age of 19 which in AE Williams terms makes him a late starter. His Great Great Grandfather, Ernest began at 11.